Session: Carol Cleveland Sings Sing a Love Song

February 10, 2017

Carol Cleveland Sings project their love into their kaleidoscopic pop. Longtime, local favorites Thomas Hughes and Gretchen Lohse make aural and visual magic together as Carol Cleveland Sings. It’s a project with a larger artistic landscape in mind and all the right colors, textures, and tones to achieve it. Diving headfirst into a sea of carefully tinkered pop, they leave no bright and buoyant stone unturned when it comes to their music, videos, and Vines (RIP). While they could have transfored any song into a light-hearted daydream of love, their Fleetwood Mac cover is really something special.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Save Me a Place” was one of the songs written to intentionally steer away from the themes and sonic elements present in Rumours. Lindsey Buckingham penned much of the group’s next album, Tusk, including the song covered above, in straight opposition to the victimhood they all had succumb to on the Rumours. “Save Me a Place” was part of a unique, new chapter for Fleetwood Mac musically. Its original sparse arrangement chugged dutifully along, delivering its longing request with candor. With the help of Eric Hartman on keys and their beloved cats, Thomas and Gretchen infused the track with a vibrancy that better mingles with their own style. The pair’s voices softly oppose one another in harmony and combine with a sprightly blend of instrumentation to give the tune the same charming glow that radiates from the earth tones of their living room.

Carol Cleveland Sings are always up to something good. Revel in the sparkling sheen of their latest album, Effervescent Lure, until they pop up with something new for you to look at, listen to, and love. Hopefully, it will also include their adorable cats.

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