Session: BOOSEGUMPS Sings a Love Song

February 6, 2017

No one makes the uncertainties of love seem solvable, conquerable, and a little less scary quite like BOOSEGUMPS. Many of Heeyoon’s songs revolve around love and feelings, tackling them in patterned strums and delicate drums. But somehow, even the sad tracks having a feeling of being just right. They have a way of combining simple details of familiarity and intriguing repeition to paint big pictures from small but sincere sounds. So when we asked them if they’d like to sing us a love song, we were so happy they said yes. They picked a track that perfectly fits them: Yo La Tengo’s “My Little Corner of the World.”

Originally written in 1960 by Bob Hilliard and Lee Pockriss, Anita Bryant was the first to record the ballad that same year as “In My Little Corner of the World.” It has been covered a number of times since then but none seem to have stuck like Yo La Tengo’s twinkling, 1997 version. Joined by Buzz Lombardi on keys, Heeyoon slowed things down a bit on their peacefully strummed rendition. Their cover creates the welcoming space the lyrics of the love song suggest in warm tones and honeyed vocals. Amongst the giant hearts, splashes of light, and scattered mannequin parts in the basement of New Planet, Heeyoon and Buzz turn the ballad into soft magic.

Continue living on BOOSEGUMPS’ musical slice of heaven by listening to their brand new EP. on the way to meet you is the gently affirming antidote to the chaos around us. Hide away with BOOSEGUMPS in their little corner of love above and be on the look out this week for more love to come.

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