Session: free cake for every creature & Hello Shark Sing a Love Song

February 8, 2017

Together and apart, free cake for every creature and Hello Shark spark tender feelings with their clever yet cozy lo-fi pop. Their 2016 albums (respectively: talking quietly of anything with you and Delicate) were two of my favorites of the year. Both achieve a certain fragile elegance in heartwarming simplicity. Katie Bennett and Lincoln Halloran are adept in telling intimate stories with patience amidst distant, peculiar pings of instrumentation. For years, they have played with and in support of one another here in Philadelphia and beyond. The chemistry that stems from their longstanding friendship and similar musical styles shines brightly in the love song they chose to cover: “You’re Still The One.”

Shania Twain’s 1998 crossover single “You’re Still The One” is a song she wrote with her then husband/producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange as a contradictory ode to the media’s belief that their relationship was only to further her career. It’s slow burning repetition really sinks home its steadfast romance and even more so in the delicate interplay of Katie and Lincoln’s quiet lilts. At its core, it is a simple yet wholly emotional track that sounds tailor-made for the little slips and slides of their voices against Lincoln’s gentle strums.

Catch Katie and the rest of free cake for every creature at The Valentines Day Soiree III at Brooklyn Bazaar on February 11th. And, see Hello Shark on their west coast tour that starts February 10th. Fall and stay in love above and keep your eyes peeled for another love song later this week!

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