One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Abi Reimold

October 18, 2016

We love Abi Reimold as much as she loves camouflage and maybe even a little more. She came to play in the woods with us for very first session video (and an extra cover) and we’ve put her on tons of playlists since falling in love with her delicately unbalanced tunes at Walla Fest 2014. Her music is straight from the place in the heart that most people keep to themselves. Creeping from the clutches of anxiety and complex pondering, it’s unapologetic, raw, and dark but still digestible. If you haven’t listened to her latest lovelorn lullaby, “Stars,” you should do so right now. Like all her music, it oozes with rough hewn pain that punches between surging strums and loops of electric guitar. It’s all too easy to get lost in its ruminating echoes as they fade into nothingness of romanticism turned into raging realization.

Back in August, Abi headed down to Wilmington’s arcade bar, 1984, with a bunch of bands that we love: Microsoft Saint, BOOSEGUMPS, and Dizzy Bats. We couldn’t go but looking at the pictures she captured for us on a disposable camera makes it feels like we were a part of the brightly colored fun. Bringing Heyoon’s spirit to life and highlighting lots of little details, Abi captured everything from outfits of the day to skee ball to sunset. She also compiled for us a playlist of ten songs that accompany the photos as a soundtrack to a day in her life. Many familiar artists make up the aching list of old and new tracks that perfectly align themselves with the slow burning anguish Abi’s own music exudes. Have a flip through the photos above as you drown yourself in the tunes below and get to know a little bit more about Abi!

ABI REIMOLD: Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp | Tour with Slaughter Beach, Dog

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