Session: Abi Reimold

November 20, 2015

Abi Reimold has been a longtime Swell Tone favorite. It seems like only yesterday we were sitting on the floor of the Norristown Theater at 2014’s Walla Fest fully enamored by the quiet singer-songwriter with an energy that “wavered between yearning and frenetic.” An understated sort of magic lies in the soft cracks of her voice, the subtle ascension of her harmonies, and the patient but pointed guitar riffs that accompany them. Her music comes from a genuine place, flowing unexpectedly in dark tones and poetic phrases.

One song of Abi’s that always stood out was “Morning.” Slowly progressing in vivid description and dual meanings, it is a haunting dream with fervent bursts of emotion. When we heard her perform the looped, solo version above, we knew it was something special. Cool drafts of harmony form a whirling web around the song’s enchanting melody. In visual form, we aimed to showcase Abi and the woven loops of “Morning” in a setting and style that enhanced their chilling charm. She and the song shine in the desolate forest surrounded but never overcome by floating shadows of herself, reflecting the misty layers of music.

More videos like this one made with videographer Bob Sweeney and other talented Philadelphia friends are soon to come. The original version of the song is below.

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