Tune: Tourist Dollars – “Ageless”

June 6, 2016

Melbourne’s Tourist Dollars whisper breaths of fresh air into timeless pop on their latest single, “Ageless.” Wafting like the salty spray of the ocean in a pastel-colored “beach of a lost paradise,” the track is an effervescent pop dream tickled by a distant drum machine. Reverb resounds from every inch of the swaying tune as each chord of synth swells with patience. But, it’s singer and songwriter Jesse McCormack’s supple baritone that carries the nearly weightless melody to a warm and comforting resolution amongst the wash of the tide against the sand. Flanked in support by the McMillan brothers of Swell Tone favorite Redspencer, McCormack skillfully creates an immersive pop atmosphere lifelike enough to be a tangible escape. We’ve loved “Horse Girl” and “End of Times” and will surely enjoy the rest of Tourist Dollars’ eponymous EP coming out this week on lovely, little Melbourne label Deaf Ambitions.

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