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Digging Deeper: Live Video Roundup

May 4, 2015

Inspired by Songsfortheday‘s weekly Monday links posts, I have gathered a few live videos I return to consistently. I’ve already shared with you one of D.D Dumbo and O’ Little Sister but those were just the beginning. Live videos are quite popular nowadays as a form of promotion or just some extra content for a website or a band. But, the videos I have selected below are not those kind. These are performances that are as powerfully captivating as they might be live. There is a feeling and a mood established more concentrated than the recorded version. Fill your day with the enriching sights and sounds of the six beauties below.

Andy Shauf is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter with a distinctive maturity that transcends his years. He has released a heap of material since the age of 14 but this song has to be my favorite. This video is over 9 minutes long. It’s just one song and it never lulls. “Wendell Walker” will take you on a contemplative and vivid journey through the artful videography of Southern Souls.


Leon Bridges has been on the lips many in the music industry over the past year. Now sporting a record deal and a full band, Bridges’ shows are a hot commodity and quite a spectacle. This video is before all that. Courtesy of Sofar Sounds, you can see the soul of Bridges’ hit “Lisa Sawyer” in this quiet rendition in someone’s living room.


When I need a boost of energy, I head right to this clip of Lindsay Sanwald (aka Idgy Dean). This musical wonder-woman makes and mixes all her own music which turns into masterpieces like “Indian Squirrel Dance.” Wreckroom Records goal is to enhance live studio performances with professional audio and video and they really make this toe-tapping number and the musical maven creating it pop. (I stopped while writing this to watch/dance again.)


While doing research for this past years CMJ, I went deep into the line-ups and found this duo. This is the only bit of music I could find from DEGA and I immediately shared it with all my friends. Watch and you’ll see why in this video from Off The Avenue.


It’s no secret that I’m a Oh Mercy fan. (Exhibit A) But this version of this song has always stood out to me. I saw Alexander Gow  (Oh Mercy) play it in a black box theater in 2012 and it really stuck with me. It takes away some of the sultry allure of the full album track and replaces it with an odd sort of desperation enhanced by the green tones and isolation of the BPMTV set.


Last but certainly not least is I Kick Clouds. This was the first song I ever watched recorded in a studio. The beautiful Ayesha Richards and her team of talented friends crafted this magnificent tune for the 100 Songs Project less than a week before recording it. Anyone who has ever heard it can attest to its timeless, inspirational, and compelling effect on first listen and beyond. So many little textures and such powerful voices come together for something simply magical. Richards is now recording a song a week for a year which you can follow along here after you have repeated this video over and over.


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