Video: Oh Mercy – “Sandy”

April 6, 2015

Oh Mercy is (FINALLY!) back with a sweet new single and colorful clip.  I first fell in love with Oh Mercy back in 2012 while living in Australia. That was the era of the group’s sultry album Deep Heat. Yet another new sound for Oh Mercy, the bodacious, groovy collection was written in third person, assuming characters with some sort of opinion on love. Alexander Gow is the frontman and driving force behind Oh Mercy. His complex thoughts and wonderings come out as the clever, fluent ramblings packaged into polished pop hooks that you hear throughout the Oh Mercy catalogue. He is one of those people who is constantly creating. We have the pleasure of hearing just a few (and arguably the best) of music he makes as he travels from place to place. Though originally the band started in Melbourne, Gow now resides in Portland, the city where many of his latest songs were recorded.

“Sandy” is a track that evenly divides itself between mellow and yearning. As convoluted as ever, Gow is wondering about whether or not he deserves the love he receives and learning to accept it regardless.Directed by Sydney filmmaker Roma D’Arrietta, the video is a pastel dream… or possibly nightmare. Reflecting the conflict in Gow’s thoughts in a nod to Kate Bush and David Lynch, Sandy rises from her coffin and proceeds to dance back to life to the sound of Gow’s sun-tinged pop tune. It’s hauntingly beautiful and very, very pink.

I think this is it. I think this is the album where Oh Mercy really hits their stride with grandeur in a polished and unassuming way.

A love letter from Alex about the song and new album:

G’day Y’all.
I wrote some songs. 45 of them.
It took me 12 months to do so.
I selected 12 of those 45 songs to record.
It took 10 days to record those 12 songs.
Those 12 songs have formed an ‘album’.
The album is beautiful.
What’s it about? It’s also about love. Love discovered, love thwarted and ultimately, love unrequited.
It will released mid year, 2015.
The first single is called Sandy. I wrote it while traveling through The America. Specifically in Nashville. It’s about 3 minutes long. It’s also about conflict. Of the emotional variety.
You will hear it next week. You can read about my travels, my writing process, my observations, my numerous feelings and emotions on my newly improved, good looking website.
Thanks, I hope you enjoy my new song and eventually, songs. I’m excited for you to see the art work too.
Love, love, love, Alex.

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