Digging Deeper

Digger Deeper: D.D Dumbo – “Tropical Oceans”

March 25, 2015

I feel like not enough people know about the wonder that is D.D Dumbo.¬†Hauling around his trusty 12-string guitar, a pair of small drums, and a heap of pedals, Australian Oliver Perry Hugh (D.D Dumbo) builds his musical masterpieces on stage with an enchanting ease. I can never get enough of the video above. It’s amazing to see the full and varied sound he can create with just one person and so few instruments. He doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about his music either which works out just fine since its speaks volumes on its own. The recorded versions struggle to capture his live charisma but do capture his almost nomadic style. When I need something calming and familiar, I always turn to these live clips of him never missing a beat in the most likely and unlikely stages around the world. Dive into some D.D Dumbo for your daily dose of excellent musicianship. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from him again soon.

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