Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Philly Photographer Showcase

November 7, 2018

We’ve gone behind the lens to bring some extra light to a selection of our favorite photographers in the Philadelphia music scene.

 A scroll through the showcase will not only give you a closer look at the photographers behind the photos but a wider view of the photography in music as it is now here in Philadelphia. These generous folk took portraits of Victoria and I in a location of their choosing and I took a photo of them in return. The resulting set of images are a lot of us trying not to smile and a lot of unexpected climbing through abandoned things. Have a look below and tell us the photo that caught your eye the most.

Thank you to all the photographers who took part!

Photo Nov 07, 7 38 06 AM

CAROLYN LEDERACH ● @cled1024 ● www.hazycolours.com

Our longtime pal, Carolyn, is always doing something in music. Beyond photography, she’s Philadelphia’s Sofar Sounds City Director, a manager, a writer, and a music lover above all.

Photo Nov 07, 7 52 44 AM



Photo Nov 07, 7 49 35 AM

RACHEL DEL SORDO@racheldelsordo ● www.racheldelsordophotography.com

Rachel is always at a show. Whether she’s on tour, shooting shows, or assisting in session recordings with WXPN’s The Key, she has a way of making the artists and people you already know feel even more familiar.

Photo Nov 07, 7 52 16 AM



Photo Nov 07, 7 46 30 AM

SCOTT TROYAN@sxt ● scotttroyan.com

Scott’s photos are easily recognizable as his own. He can pull the natural quirkiness out of people which is showcased most prominently in his ongoing baseball card project.

Photo Nov 07, 7 51 09 AM



Photo Nov 07, 7 27 18 AM

ABI REIMOLD@abigailtownsendphoto ● www.abigailtownsend.com

We love Abi Reimold’s music so much we’ve done two sessions with them. But, they are an equally talented photographer whose portraits tend to have a dreamlike quality

Photo Nov 07, 7 52 30 AM



Photo Nov 07, 7 34 44 AM

BEN WONG@brotherlylost ● brotherlylost.com

Ben finds the beauty and uniqueness in things that others may not. His photos from massive shows and from everyday life have a certain off-kilter presence that make them consistently intriguing.

Photo Nov 07, 7 51 22 AM



Photo Nov 07, 7 46 24 AM

SHARI HECK@wenu__wenu ● toystudio.us

We’ve loved Shari since her days at Walla Fest and in Cyberbully Mom Club. Her unyielding creativity has morphed into so many forms since then including fantastical photography.

Photo Nov 07, 7 52 56 AM



Photo Nov 07, 7 25 55 AM

BOB SWEENEY@sweeneybob ● sweeneybob.net

Bob knows us better than anyone when it comes to photography and our odd sense of humor. Be it shopping carts or bands, his photography captures its subjects in their purest form. He’s never afraid of a bit of fuzz and blur and loves a proper hint of darkness.

Photo Nov 07, 7 50 52 AM


Always remember to thank and credit photographers!

If you’d like to see more showcases, let us know: tunes@swelltonemusic.com

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