Session: Veev

February 12, 2018

Though quiet and unassuming, there is a power in Veev‘s music that’s rooted in sincerity. Veev is adept at writing songs from their heart to yours. Fitting for moments of stillness, their cozy, intimate tales are most often delivered in sweetly over a softly strummed guitar or baritone ukulele. It’s the kind of gentle songwriting that lightens ordinary darkness with ease.

When we heard “Clementine” for the first time, we knew it was a perfect fit for our Valentine’s Day love song series. It’s a short and endearing ode to a consuming love that conjures certain dreamlike imagery. In the cozy nook of Veev’s West Philly bedroom, Genevieve and Jon join together in a subtle sway to bring the track to life. Bob Sweeney brought warmth in the visuals on this rainy day and Jake Detwiler perfectly matched that glow in the crisp audio.

Catch Veev live on February 16th at The Waiting Room or March 3rd at Planet Phitness to soak in more of their thoughtful ballads before they release new music later this year! Send this video to your clementine and look out for more love songs this week.

The original:

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