Session: Sarah M.

November 17, 2016

Sarah M. is so admirably sweet and genuine. That comes across in the soft melodies she pins against the hum of her bass guitar. Her songs are small confessions with big meaning that dive into the heart of things more easily conveyed in her tender lilt. “t-shirt” is about Sarah “falling in love with someone that wasn’t a dude and the realigning of identity that occurred because that person came into her life.” Her gradual acceptance slowly reveals itself in the song’s lyrics and the confident resolve of the refrain.

On video, we wanted to capture Sarah filling her own home with love and smiles in the intimate style of “t-shirt.” Shot by Bob Sweeney entirely on Super 8 and recorded by Jake Detwiler, the video is a flickering peek into lots of the little parts of Sarah’s world. The fuzz of the film and the constant curiosity of her little pup Mia radiate an inviting warmth amidst the chilly sting of an Autumn morning.

“t-shirt” is from our cassette compilation called Summer of Sad. It’s out now on Z Tapes and there are only few copies left if you’d like to cry along to a tape of some lovely ladies singing sad, summery songs.

The original:

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