Tune: Isaac Gracie – “Terrified”

April 4, 2016

There’s something different in the hollowed echoes of Isaac Gracie‘s wearied voice. It pushes and pulls at the tattered edges of his emotional ballads with just a hint of warble. I included the London artist’s song “Last Words” in at least half of the playlists I made last year, including our top 50 songs for 2015 playlist, as its honest plea seemed to resonate across seasons, time, and occasions. His latest track is just as wonderfully woeful. Swimming in the same lo-fi production aesthetic, “Terrified” unassumingly grows to tackle its massive chorus with a grace rarely seen in the singer-songwriter category. Gracie’s earnest delivery triumphantly resounds over a hypnotic sway of acoustic guitar and a choir of ethereal ‘oo’s. With each passing verse, the song reaches deeper into the depths of Gracie’s uncertainty and depression. Sink into the rest of his new, fittingly-titled Songs from My Bedroom EP on Spotify.

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