Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Blue Tape Special 3

April 11, 2016

It’s that time again: Time for a diner special of finger-lickin’ good tunes.  I’ve got too many new loves to share just one. This set features a really hearty mix of genres and artists that turn into something otherworldly.


Maitland – “Luna”

After taking a bit of time away, Maitland’s music seems even sweeter. I think Josh can musically communicate a landscape better than anyone I’ve ever encountered. One can live inside this version of “Luna.”


Straw Hats – Straw Hats EP and Is This Split with Tangiers

This is the first time in a long time I’ve known every word to every song before a record came out. The recorded versions of Straw Hats first EP and their new split bring out the creativity hidden beneath the clamor and… all the lyrics I’ve been getting totally wrong. It’s a wild ride complete with involuntary yelling, head-banging, and blaring riffs.


Dannika – “Next To You”

Slow and steady and ever-so-slightly wonky win this race to the DIY ballad wonderland. The newest find from our friends at Solitaire Recordings is a lovably rough “playground of dreams.”


Safe Sex – “A Raven And A Writing Desk”

This Perth act takes the unexpected to somewhere familiar. Molly Biddle’s feminine voice pops from Andrew Biddle’s enchanting and modern production. It’s a match made in the same weird heaven that combines ping pong balls with bare-bummed dish washing.


Fog Lake – “Rattlesnake”

Wow. It’s so easy so sink into and tumble around the folk-edged wonder of the newest Fog Lake tune. Arguably their best yet, they hit the softest of spots with the impeccable off-kilter sway of this one.


Duvchi – “Sleep”

I have a music-loving friend who has repeatedly texted me just “Duvchi” for several months. I don’t know why it took me so long to listen but this song burns perfectly.


Marian Hill – “I Want You”

I heard this track for the first time when I took a trip in December to Stratton Mountain with The Wild Honey Pie. It’s be dancing around my brain in fragments until I heard it once again this week. Marian Hill know exactly how to write a hook. This track is a bit warmer sonically and a bit darker lyrically than the norm for them and I think that’s what makes it stand out.


Many Rooms – “I’ll Sing My Soul”

Open and heartfelt, this old song from Many Rooms creeps into the sad corners of the heart and the quiet recesses of the mind.


Golden Daze – “Never Comin’ Back”

This buzzy LA band nearly missed the cut for our sunshine-filled playlist last month. Reverb and nonchalance dipped in a glowy pop, this track is great without ever trying to be.


Tancred – Out of the Garden

Jess and the gang’s third album is a crunchy delight. A collection of power pop at it’s finest, Out of the Garden’s dark issues have a sugary coating and are delivered with a punch.


Let’s Eat Grandma – “Deep Six Textbook”

Here’s a track and an artist that are equal parts beautiful and strange. From the texture of their voices to the gracious pace, everything about this lets the mind wander.



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