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Digger Deeper: Blue Tape Special

June 17, 2015


Sometimes there are too many good tunes to share just one at a time. As delightful and random as a classic, cheap diner combo, the Blue Tape Special is a new feature you’ll see on Swell Tone when I have a heaping helping of nice things to bring to your ears. If you’d like to follow all the music I’m digging, you can find me here on Soundcloud. But, my recent spelunking’s specific menu has a lot to offer:


I’m very sad I missed this sparkling indie-rock gem from Càbãnå in 2014. This has a whole lot of power and potential behind it that leaves me yearning for more.


There’s something enchanting about the deep voice of Madrid’s Lois Brea as it marches steadily over that noodley guitar riff. All his released tracks have an odd but heart-warming juxtaposition between voice and instrumentation.


It’s impossible not to feel relaxed after one spin of the new BEDROOM track. The guitars on this one remind me a bit of Last Dinosaurs in a very good way.


I’ve been waiting for a semi-locally based garage rock band that matches the poppy flair of some of my long-time favorites and I think Brooklyn’s The Britanys have just filled that void. One T, repetitious riffs, and some tasty, distorted vocals make for just the right amount of garagey goodness.


Got this reverb ocean in an email just yesterday from CASTLEBEAT and it sounds like sunshine through dirty glasses. The bright guitar lines soak in as easily as the mumbled words.


Next, I came across some big pop from Melbourne songstress Cloves. My feelings are best described by a friend’s response to hearing this song for the first time: “A lot of ballads make me gag, but this one is very nice.”


Stefana Fratila does a lot of things within one otherworldly song. Whatever she is doing, it’s working. “Heartland” sounds a bit like flowery pop with a heartbeat.


This one has got a steady pulse too and it’s made of synth. SEIDS crafts a lofty, up-tempo number thats combined genres shine with a distinctly 80’s feel, perfectly soundtracking anything considered to be a workout.


The Pretty Littles provide a very Australian bit of indie rock with all the honesty they can muster. While apparently some of the things in their life are “pretty shitty,” their music is certainly not. In fact, the whole mini-album is worth a listen.


From the man who brought you this gem (and many others) comes another guitar-heavy track about living in darkness. Say Hi‘s usual, intimate charm is now supercharged.


It Looks Sad. makes music that feels like home for the wanderlust within us all. They carve big anthems out of chant-able indie rock melodies. That is why we included them on our Nifty Fifty playlist last year and why this song drips with the echoing fervor of youth.


Power pop that is short, sweet, and to the point is the specialty of Be Cool Cowboy. Ten points for the catchiest song of the bunch and ten more for that rad stroller picture.


We already love Ratboys (Exhibit A) but this album gets better with every listen. These Roman numerals are especially cozy and welcoming between staccatos.


Sjowgren blossom with grace on this single that’s sure to be heard by many ears quite quickly. Never expanding too much or contracting to too little, “seveteen”‘s cool memorability is undeniable.


Do you like that post-punk/new wave pop that has been showing up often lately (and getting caught in the rain)? Then you’d best keep two eyes and two ears on City Calm Down. These Aussies are set for big things, especially starting off on this single.


I’m are tracing the lovely Long Neck back to her musical roots in Jawbreaker Reunion, here. “Your X” hits hardest when the group rips through their solos but it remains just as captivating through the quieter parts.


Floating seems to be the best way to categorize New Zealand band Glass Vaults‘ latest song, “Sacred Heart.” Whirring synths dip and rise to a shimmying back beat with a casual vocal tying them together.

Formation provide the quirky set’s funky finale with “Hangin.” Let your hips swivel to the sexy sway of its impenetrable groove. More cowbell please.


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