Tune: Long Neck – “Salt”

March 17, 2015

Long Neck is Lily Mastrodimos and she is onto something good. Branching out from singing and playing guitar in Jawbreaker Reunion, Mastrodimos has been putting out a series of homemade folk pop wonders on her own since the end of last year. Her rough, little recordings are filled with heart and that particular authenticity that comes from a person pouring out their feelings and thoughts into song.

Released just yesterday, this new album preview has me very excited for a proper full length album. “Salt,” still itself a demo, nestles the quaint closeness of Mastrodomis’ perfectly muddled former material inside a flourishing bevy of warm, broad sound. It is a grower in many ways. On first listen, there is a sense of intriguing mundanity. With every repetition, her rambling observations and short narratives amass into deeper conclusions and triumphant proclamations. Ascending from a simple acoustic guitar riff, the song revs through its third first just before sliding sweetly back to that simple riff at the end.

Find more gems on her Bandcamp.

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