Album: Rosie Tucker – Lowlight

June 3, 2015

One listen to Rosie Tucker and you’ll want more. The Los Angeles folk singer-songwriter is adept at crafting witty, little ditties that blanket equal parts optimism and heartbreak in comfortable, acoustic guitar. Her sincere charisma effervesces from every inch of her album Lowlight. Clever turns of phrase reveal intimate personal details and relatable truths in each story unraveled in Tucker’s endearing twang. Rambling on about everything from home renovation to car alarms, Tucker has a gift for molding pain into unexpected metaphors from every day life and a wild imagination. Let her dark and pointed melodies drift with ease through your next 30 minutes of life as feel all her feelings along with her. Lowlight is a free download on her Bandcamp (below) and Soundcloud (above).

Favorite Tracks: Fix’er Upper, Beautiful Machine, & Sorrow Sleeps

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