Video: Aimee deBeer – “Oblivion”

April 14, 2015

Aimee deBeer‘s “Oblivion” is the kind of nothingness you can live inside. This track fit suitably as a part of our A Frosty Farewell playlist but also stands quite strongly on its own. NYC-based deBeer creates an atmosphere and tone that glisten with darkness, light, and wonder. “Oblivion” ponders a faltering relationship in intimate grandeur, magnetically whirling into a dreamy pop void. A gentle cadence of softly trilling guitars, lush synths chords, and deBeer’s wandering crooning wade patiently through snare taps and a distant echo of backing vocals. Finding deBeer inside various scenes of her own peaceful oblivion, the video recreates the tune’s mystique in closeups of smoke, water, and projections of shapes and galaxies.

“Oblivion” and her first single, “Persephone And The Devil,” will be on her upcoming EP. Fill your ears and thoughts and daydreams with the sounds of deBeer below.

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