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Playlist: A Frosty Farewell

March 6, 2015

Baby it’s STILL cold outside…
The groundhog may have determined that winter was not quite over but the girls of Swell Tone are officially done. After the long trek through a winter filled with adrenaline pumping car rides and enough salt on our sidewalks to fill the Pacific, we bid adieu to this cold weather catastrophe. This week we bring you a playlist made for those on Team Spring. With soundscapes as sweeping as the bitter winds and solid tempos to help you remain balanced, these tracks are here to help you through this final season slump. Featuring tracks as layered as you are and whispy/raspy vocals with as wide of a range as our weekly forecast, the steady guitar and straightforward drum ridden tunes do well to soothe your aching soul. So turn it up to drown out the sound of snow plows and let this week’s playlist carry you through the home stretch.

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