Split: The Coasts // Battle Ave.

March 11, 2015

This magnificent split is a surprisingly befitting combination of two underrated rock outfits. As a fan of both bands, it is an unexpected dream come true for me.

I found Little Rock’s The Coasts a few years ago when they released their first EP and I fell in love with the moody, southern rock of “Hard Working Man.” With each release, their sound evolves to something a bit different that still maintains ties to the previous material. This new song has to be one of my favorites. The Coasts’ contribution to the split is a short, driving ditty with impeccable charm. In “On Your Own,” Eric Mount and Ike Peters charge through a bright, garage rock melody that sheds on a sunny light on a slightly sour three lines of lyrics blasted in harmony. And where did they find those seemingly out of place video clips that fit so perfectly?

I’m honored to be one of the 56 people that follow Battle Ave. on Soundcloud (where I found them last year on a night of Soundcloud exploration). They not only make music worth listening to but have also introduced me to great new acts, including the always dreamy Pop & Obachan. This indie rock group form upstate New York have gifted us with the emotional, nearly seven minute journey of a song called “The Sun.” It’s a song that plays out much like a well-told story, deftly weaving in twists and turns that pull your attention from one part to the next. Climbing up from hushed voices over minimal instrumentation, the song’s focal point is that trilling, spiraling guitar haphazardly meandering around the melodic riffs, progressive chords and beating drums below.

Spend your next two dollars helping them make more beautiful noise by buying the split on the Bandcamp below.

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