EP: Pop & Obachan – Dream Soup

February 3, 2015

New York-based duo Pop & Obachan have nailed a particular dreamy combination of pop and folk on their latest release/project. Mix a splash of synth, a dollop of airy, female vocals, a heap of electric guitar and a pinch of clarinet together and you’ve got yourself an aurally delicious Dream Soup EP.  To be followed with a “Dry Land” companion release, this first round of songs is a hint of the lighter side of the project. “Wet Wick” starts off the Dream Soup EP with a lackadaisical melody that slides along rhythm guitar and soothing repetition of a sweet chorus. Following gently in “Wet Wick'”s foot steps, “Holly” lingers in the listless and loving embrace of a girl called Holly who shares her bed “in 100 degree weather.” Charming and cheerful, the pair of songs swell with enveloping romance. Have a taste for yourself below.

At birth, we emerge from dream soup.
At death, we sink back into dream soup.
In between soups, there is a crossing of dry land.

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