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Playlist: Snow on Hawthorne

March 1, 2019

Baby, it’s cold outside… for now.

It is a blessing to live on Portland’s best street for vintage shopping. Hawthorne is home to a small Powell’s, endless coffee shops, Fried Egg I’m in Love, a solid record shop, and all the Thai food a girl could want. When we get a rare snow day, it’s easy to have anything I’d want still within a short walk. But, it’s fun to watch snow days here progress from dangerously icy driving conditions in the early morning to not a speck of visible snow in the late afternoon. Coming from the heavily salted east coast, it is weird to experience snow in such a fleeting capacity. This playlist is for a Portland snow day and trying to capture as much of the snowy wonder as possible before it disappears. It’s got a real sparkle and shine.

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