Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Swell Gals

March 8, 2019

Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s a pleasure and a joy to meet and interact with all variety of women in music. Being a woman isn’t always the easiest but that’s why it’s important to lean on and support the other people who understand: women. While no Swell Tone playlist is ever really short on female artists, this one is all music by swell gals for swell gals or anyone who loves good music. Beyond the stellar ladies making music below, I think it’s also important to recognize all of the woman who work behind the scenes. Whether it is the ladies taking photos, managing, coordinating press, hosting radio programs, shooting music videos, or all of the dedicated fan gals, its the dedication and passion of these fine femmes that really makes the music industry go round. Rock along below.

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