One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Mallrat

February 26, 2019

Mallrat’s sparkling amalgamation of genres is as endearing as it is infectious. Brisbane’s Grace Shaw (aka Mallrat) brings a brightness and assertive delicacy to her woven rap and pop that makes every song soar with her own unique lightness. We’ve had a big musical crush on Mallrat since the release of her Uninvited EP in 2016 and can’t play her latest single, “Nobody’s Home” enough. Balancing gentle honesty with burgeoning beats, she is able to create insatiably catchy pop songs that are easy to sing and dance to a million times in a row. Live, they are even bigger and better.

Mallrat rolled through Portland earlier this month and had the whole crowd mesmerized and moving at Hawthorne Theatre. Grace and DJ Denim snapped some goofy pictures on a disposable camera for us backstage and even caught a snap of the world’s cutest Mallrat fan. She also made us a stellar playlist of songs that really bring together all of the inspirations behind her own music including some obscure Black Eyed Peas, lots of hip hop, some fellow Australians, and a few choice pop classics. Dig into the playlist below as you browse through the snaps above.

MALLRAT: Facebook | Instagram | TwitterWebsite | Spotify

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