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Playlist: Secondhand Store

January 18, 2019

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

When we’re not scouring the web for swell musical gems, you’ll most likely like find us on the hunt for pre-loved bits, bobs, and blouses. From the carpeted corners of neon lit vintage shops to the sun riddled stalls of a flea market, we are here for it all. Now living on (arguably) Portland’s best strip for second hand stores, it is all too easy for us to submerse ourselves in mid century modern furniture, tooled leather, flannels, and delightfully snuggly coats just waiting to be adored again. The whacky chaotic nature of the quest for the best in these shops really necessitates a groovy and playful soundtrack which is exactly the playlist we’ve got for you today. From all over the world, we’ve brought together a freaky, funky, bunch of songs to keep you boogying as you browse.  Shimmy as you survey and sift below through cherishable items of the past!

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