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Playlist: Adventure Van

January 4, 2019

Adventure is out there.

And so are a plethora of these vans. Somewhere between a traditional van and a mini bus, these colorful, aged beauties are filled with the constant potential to up and go on a journey. In hideaway beach towns, mountain overlooks, and even in the heart of a city, the sight of these vehicles makes you wonder where it’s been, where it’s going, and especially what kind of music they are listening to as they cruise. It may have traditionally been a solid combination of The Beatles, Grateful Dead, and the best in classic rock but we’ve gone for a reimagination of what modern wayferers might be blasting. There’s a bit of shimmy and shake to the collection with an emphasis on the sunny propulsion that makes for the perfect trip. Enter through the bead curtain and get your wheels turning below!

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