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Playlist: Abandoned Mall

December 21, 2018

The mall will be closing in ten minutes.

…or at least within the next ten years. Mostly gone but never forgotten, the mall now retains more light than ever. Bustling shoppers have been replaced by hustling speed walkers. Sales only come in the form of liquidation. Flagship stores have transitioned from a little of everything you don’t need to a giant inflatable jump zone. Gone are the mirrored and tinseled walls of the Deb and the overly wooded decor of Northern Reflections. While you can no longer get a cinnamon raisin bagel with too much icing, there’s a new sort of magic in the combination of nostalgia and possibility left in the void of slowly decaying mecca of retail. We think most of it should be filled with synth. This week’s playlist is a musical montage made for exploration and appreciation of the abandoned shopping mall. It is both distant and approachable with a bit of shimmer. Find an old prom outfit, remember all of those times your parents dropped you off all by yourself, and dance the abandonment away.

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