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Various Swell Sounds #10: Bump in the Night

October 30, 2018
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Various Swell Sounds is a collaborative playlist series from Jon Doyle of Various Small Flames, Jon Chin of Cereal and Sounds, and Shana of this swell blog you are reading right now. Instead of constantly exchanging tracks amongst each other, we have decided to work together to bring them to more ears. Every month, we match a selection of our old and brand new favorites to a specific theme.

Are you afraid of the dark? Don’t worry! Sometimes we are too. That’s why we made a whole playlist of songs to cover up the bumps, creaks, and whispers of the cold, dark night. Things are extra scary this time of year and a little bit unnerving. While our playlist matches those themes, it will keep you safe and warm and maybe even make you dance a little. Drown out the darkness below.

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