One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Corridor

October 3, 2018

Corridor have got an off-kilter charm all their own. Unsurprisingly, we came across the Montreal band thanks to a tape sale from our friend Manny at Citrus City Records. They’ve always had an ear for special records and Corridor’s latest album, Super Mercado, is something magical. Even in a language we speak very little of, the collection of songs is instantly warm and inviting. Guided by perpetually riffing guitars that seem to almost bounce off of one another, the album propels through gently droning melodies that suitably balance the tangle of riffs and fills that surround them.

When the group came to NYC for Northside Festival earlier this year, we loved every minute of their soaring live performance at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The band took some disposable camera photos for us in NYC and on their way back home to Montreal. If there is one thing the photos prove, it’s that these guys really know how to have a good time. There are even two snaps of a Sloppy Jane set. Corridor also made us a playlist of songs in both English and French that they listened to as they traveled. Together, the photos and playlist make the perfect snapshot of the slightly chaotic sort of fun the band have on tour. The band’s bassist, Dominic Berthiaume, shared the following about their photos:


As you may see through the pictures, we like to party. This is mainly what we do when on tour. We like to party in green rooms, parking lots and motel rooms. We also like to keep our feet clean. While in the van, we like to read Megg & Mogg comic books by Simon Hanselmann. Megg, Mogg and their friends also like to party. These comic books are funny AF. Our favorite human being is Miguel, our sound engineer (the guy with the dyed blonde hair that is on 75% of the pictures). He eats the green part of our carrots and his favorite snack is a whole cabbage. Sometimes he smells funny, but he is a true hero.

Take a look above and a listen below. Catch Corridor live at their last US shows in Brooklyn on 10/5 at Alphaville and in Burlington, Vermont on 10/6 at SideBar.

CORRIDOR: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp

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