Session: Why Bonnie

September 5, 2018

We fell in love with Why Bonnie a long time ago. Under a different band name, we heard an early version of “Gold Rush” and positively drowned the Texas band’s drifting effervescence. It’s a great example of everything that makes Why Bonnie great: an ideal balance of distance and intimacy with a radiant charm. While wistful in tone, the band’s dreamy pop is full-bodied and intentional in a way that makes each repeated listen equally engaging.

Just as the sun broke on the morning after their show in Philadelphia in July, Why Bonnie came to the color-filled PlayArts in Fishtown to play a live version of an unreleased song called “No Caves” off of their upcoming album. PlayArts is a beautifully designed space for children to learn, play and interact built inside an old public bath on Front Street that is immediately inviting for both kids and bigger kids like us. Thanks to Sarah from PlayArts, we were able to shoot with Why Bonnie in a cozy corner of their space that matched sparkle of the song.

“No Caves” is big and little at the same time. It’s fervent desire at peak intensity with moving guitar lines, the bright hum of the keys, and crash of the cymbals all colliding gracefully. Our filmmaker of dreams, Bob Sweeney, caught Why Bonnie’s gentle movements in vibrant pans and closeups while our sound wizard, Jake Detwiler, brought clarity to all the dips and ascensions of the gripping tune. Watch the session above and swim through the heavenly reverberations of Why Bonnie’s first two EPs here until that new album comes out! Both EPs are out now on the always excellent Sports Day Records.

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