Session: Ceramic Animal

September 26, 2018

There’s something irresistible about Ceramic Animal. As sonically debonair as their stylish suits, the Philadelphia band of brothers and a friend know how to make slow-swaying refrains that really dig into the brain. Revisiting the same approachable pop of their debut album, The Cart, with added grit, the group have found a dustier set of immediately familiar melodies on their new album, The Horse. Colorful surges of guitar and keys meet the sweet but powerful croon of Warren Regan with confidence. The psychedelic tones really light up the steady pace of the album and shine even brighter in their spirited live performance.

On a very rainy day in August, Ceramic Animal turned a newly renovated Ortlieb’s into the saloon its always been begging to be with their live rendition of “Tino.” A bold and invigorating tune, this version of “Tino” brings together the height of Warren’s voice, a powerful whistle in unison, and an absolutely blistering guitar solo. Bob Sweeney shrouded the band in mystery and a deep red while Jake Detwiler articulated every whistle and moment of shredding. Thanks to our friend Collin Smith and to Kyle from Ortlieb’s for letting us shoot and for cueing that light burst perfectly. Wade through mystique of “Tino” above and listen to the original below.

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