Tune: Spring Onion – “I Did My Taxes For Free Online”

April 12, 2018

The new single from Spring Onion is a well-timed tale of love and personal finance. Philadelphia’s Spring Onion is the solo project of Catherine Dwyer (also of Remember Sports) and she really knows how to put some heart into a unpleasant task in “I Did My Taxes For Free Online.” As the dread of the tax deadline swiftly approaches, the gentle delivery of this quirky ballad has a certain opposing warmth. The addition of Peter Gill’s (Friendship) pedal steel and the peculiar percussive and plucked textures really elevate this simple song into a heartwarming ode to a productive weekend. It can be hard to do the necessary but droll tasks of adulthood sometimes but there could be no better way to celebrate their completion than kicking back to the yearning echoes of “I Did My Taxes For Free Online.”

The full album with the same name comes out tomorrow (4/13) on Philadelphia’s Sleeper Records. We’ve loved everything that’s come from this endearing label and are sure we will enjoy this album just as much.

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