Session: Corey Flood

March 5, 2018

Corey Flood delicately delivers doom. The Philadelphia four-piece, led by the casually cool whispers of Ivy Gray-Klein, float in a haunting realm of indie rock. Their debut EP, Wish You Hadn’tis a soft but compelling collection of songs in which Gray-Klein’s points are made in pointed phrases and bolstered by the clouded gloom of strong, intersecting guitar lines. Setting their doldrums to drums, Corey Flood have crafted a fresh, infectious dark pop sound that really digs its feet in.

We instantly fell in love with the EP’s subtly unnerving fever dream, “Feel Okay.” Rocketing forth with intention, the track finds strength in repetition of riffs and phrases that makes it feel slightly askew. Bob Sweeney caught the band having a bit of fun amidst the darkness of Philadelphia’s Thunderbird Salvage visually while Jake Detwiler captured the stark power of this biting track in sound. We’d been wanting to shoot in jam-packed jumble of Thunderbird’s massive collection of salvaged delights and Corey Flood was the perfect fit. Opposing the band’s demure demeanor, the chaos of the space cleverly shadows the band as they power through a live version of “Feel Okay” on the warehouse’s stage. Feast your eyes above.

Wish You Hadn’t is out now on Fire Talk Records. You can see Corey Flood live and darkness at the shows below:

03.05 Banny Grove ~ Corey Flood ~ Nancy Strong ~ Boothe/ maybe Ada
03.08 Zula, Dove Lady, Corey Flood, Loadcard
03.29 Scary Balance * Baby Mollusk * Corey Flood * Susie Derkins

The Original:

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