Video: Slow Pulp – “Preoccupied”

January 30, 2018

Slow Pulp‘s latest clip is a daydream and a half. We’ve been long time fans of this midwest quartet in their many evolving forms but this song and clip are out of this world. A sensual ode to the marriage of loneliness and infatuation, “Preoccupied” makes desperation feel golden.Though the saxophone and delicate vocals may be a signature of the new Slow Pulp, the guitar undercurrent of the chorus is instantly recognizable as their previous sound.

In warm hues and bright lights, the drift of the video’s romantic snapshots of isolation flow smoothly within the song’s steady groove. Fragmented flashes of ice cream drips, a strawberry aquarium, and the band playing outside on a damp, fall evening all lead the mind toward the uselessness of distraction. Wrap your ears around the rest of Slow Pulp’s EP2 below.

On a side note, this video premiered on TheLazyLazyMe. She has such a gift for curating a great selection of gems. If you are ever stuck on finding new music to love, we’d highly recommend diving into her channel.

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