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Various Swell Sounds #1: Unguarded Beach

January 26, 2018
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Various Swell Sounds is a new collaborative playlist series from Jon Doyle of Various Small Flames, Jon Chin of Cereal and Sounds, and Shana of this swell blog you are reading right now. Instead of constantly exchanging tracks amongst each other, we have decided to work together to bring them to more ears. Every month, we will match a selection of our old and brand new favorites to a specific theme.

For our first playlist, we’re transporting you to an Unguarded Beach. At the drifting end of a sunset on a chilly evening with no life guards around, there’s some mystical magic floating in the ocean air. The vacant sand and sea teem with possibility but also trepidation, much like the start of a new year. Together, we have put together an eerily pleasant collection of indie gems to keep your mind in a similar sparkling state of liberation.

Wade in below and stay tuned for more to come!

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