Tune: Rosie Tucker – “Spinster Cycle”

January 25, 2018

Late night laundry turns into heartbreak on Rosie Tucker’s latest. “Spinster Cycle” is a clever, enchanting bit of pop that comes as a polished follow up to Rosie’s album Lowlight that we loved in 2015. On this short and bitter track, they traverse an impressive range of octaves as their voices glides through the propulsive melody. But, it’s the bouncing cadence of the song’s progression that keeps your ears swinging through the impressively detailed metaphors. An adorably heartbreaking light in the darkness of lost love, “Spinster Cycle” is a gem that’s hard not to repeat. There’s much more to come from Rosie Tucker this year and you can find it all on their website.



You know the date on the oldest coin in your palm
I know the names of the flowers along the back wall
But I get afraid one of us is bluffing
The blooms they will fade
And the change will amount to nothing
Nothing at all

The laundromat’s funny at two in the morning
The blonde on TV says I too can be gorgeous
And hairless, it’s easy with laser assistance
I wish you would push me around in the bins
But we’re talking serious
While the colors bleed

You know the full weight of every wager you’ve lost
I know for certain that certainty comes at a cost
But I get afraid of what I can’t define
So I tally affections like nickels and dimes in your palm
Like your palm in my palm

My parents met in a laundromat parking lot
I almost tell you but then I think not to
We focus on pulling our lights from our darknesses
We separate even though we’ve got sparks
While the colors bleed

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