Session: Peach Pit

January 24, 2018

There’s a homegrown sweetness to Peach Pit‘s pop. Vancouver’s quirkiest quartet have a certain way coating of longing in a vibrant yet reflective blend of guitars. At a consciously unhurried pace, they have filled both their EP (Sweet F.A.) and debut album (Being So Normal) with effervescent gems. The combination of their irresistible refrains with the softness of their delivery is always inviting and we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to bring to life their blitheness in session form.

We set out to capture Peach Pit’s infectious sense of fun and serene pop in the hallowed, brightly colored halls of Big Mama’s Cinematheque. On a cool November day, they filled the warehouse with the warmth of camaraderie, hot sauce, knife light, and a good, ol’ fashioned swing. Bob Sweeney caught all the right memories in steady pans while Jake Detwiler made the sound inside that tiny room sparkle. Drift into the nostalgic breeze of their live version of “Peach Pit” above.

Catch Peach Pit live on the road in Europe through the end of February or starring in your “chewed bubblegum pop” daydreams. Sweet FA and Being So Normal are out now.

The original:

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