Session: Fits

December 13, 2017

Fits make punchy power pop that gets right to the point. When the Brooklyn four-piece played our show at Crouch House in September, we were positively mesmerized by their full-throttle set. Their short, rambunctious tracks are balanced in weight by the seriousness of frontperson Nicholas Cummins’ lyrics. The playful opposition of the lyrical density combined with the impulsive melodies makes their latest album, All Belief is Paradisea wild, riff-heavy ride to remember.

We wanted to put a little more chaos and fun into a live performance from Fits (with one member of Yucky Duster filling in). Our friends Jeff and Luke kindly allowed us to shoot deep in The Sound Hole in West Philly which provided the ideal, mysterious backdrop. In a part dress-up theme inspired by the theme song from Clarissa Explains It All, the band switched from their own outfits, to red stylings, to a random assortment of the thrift store’s finest garb as they rip through three songs off of their new album. Bob Sweeney matched their pace and frenzy in capturing the band visually while Jake Detwiler brightened the sound with clarity (and also helped throw some balloons). It’s worth noting that we only did one take of each song and they knocked them all right out of The Sound Hole.

All Belief is Paradise is out now on Father/Daughter Records.

The originals:

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