Video: Maitland – “Luna”

November 9, 2017

Maitland‘s music reaches beyond terrestrial confines to form a deep connection with listeners. Their most recent album, Glimpse, ignites a glowing passion for humans, spirit, and all that the world has to offer from the embers of calculated rhythms, lush harmonies, and propulsive melodies. “Luna” stands out from the collection as the colorful epitome of the majesty of the album. In a bed of strings and the low hum of a bass clarinet, pleading mantras are blended with guitar lines with increasing fervor.

Shot and edited beautifully by Jay Miller, the song’s clip is the perfect visual bridge to its earthly roots. Amanda Miller gesticulates seamlessly amidst a vast field, an empty, sunlit home, and a shallow creek in a white ensemble that catches the fluidity of her movements. Flowing together effortlessly, the dreamy visuals draw out the delicate intensity of the melody’s progression at just the right moments.

Catch Maitland playing tracks from Glimpse and more tonight at Johnny Brenda’s with our pal Abi Reimold and Square Peg Round Hole.

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