Tune: Hatchie – “Sure”

November 21, 2017

It’s no surprise that the new single from Brisbane’s Hatchie glistens even brighter than the last. Maybe it’s because the magic of Harriet Pilbeam’s (Hatchie) former band, Go Violets, will never die or maybe she’s found a new, resilient pop all her own. Either way, “Sure” is an never-ending sparkler of swirled guitars and twinkling synths. From its rhyming pattern to its featherlight bassline, the song is circuitous in nature just like the relationships it describes. Pilbeam holds all the bright pieces of the track together with her glossy voice striding through that enveloping melody.

“Sure” is the first track off of Hatchie’s upcoming Sugar & Spice EP and we sure hope the rest is equally as spectacular as this track! We’ll keep this one and her earlier track, “Try,” on repeat until then.

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