Session: Secret American

November 17, 2017

Secret American put the fun in the fundamentals of insatiably catchy songwriting. The part Philadelphian/part Californian group make sonically bright, buoyant pop with underlying currents of complex thought and they play it tightly with ease. We instantly fell in love with the immersive buzz of their first single, “WHY BELIEVE?,” and wanted to create a live version of it that matched its infectious peculiarity. Written by former Cheers Elephant frontman Derek Krzywicki and performed by a cast of local musicians we already know and love, the song and the live video we’ve concocted are chock-full of spirit. All together, it’s a mind-bending, energetic jumble that will leave you wondering why.

Sometimes it takes a village to raise a session and especially one as funky and fun as this. We had our dynamic duo of Bob Sweeney on visuals and Jake Detwiler on sound making the whole experience really come alive. Local silk graffiti artist Aubrie Costello kindly let us become one with her beautiful work that further emphasized the themes within the song. Jess from Philly PACK opened up her fantastic, new space to let us prance around shoeless inside. We were also able to capture the band playing live in West Kensington Ministry thanks to the assistance and generosity of Jeff Blinder and Reverend Adan Mairena.

Begin believing above and find out why next Saturday night (11/25) when Secret American play at Johnny Brenda’s with Satellite Hearts and The Mysteries.

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