Session: Lomelda

November 1, 2017

The magic in Lomelda‘s music is almost palpable. It’s not only the beautiful songs Hannah Reed (Lomelda) writes but the ever-evolving way she delivers them. The Texas-based siren of uncertainty directly address emotions and somehow finds a way to make them soar. Her latest album, Thx, is a warm guide through heartbreak with the ideal balance of stark minimalism and sparkling accoutrements. Even through its gentle ballads, her fervent passion blazes in basslines, a myriad of guitar tones, and melodies and lyrics that are always searching for more.

We were honored to have her contribute “Ya w/Me?” to our Summer of Sad Compilation last year and equally as lucky to have her perform a new track live for us when she came to Philadelphia. On the hottest day in September, she breezed through this stripped down version of “Interstate Vision” between children’s soccer matches in our favorite alley. She also showed off her basketball skills and true joy in playing at a nearby court. It’s worth noting that she landed that overhead shot on the very first try. Our dynamic session duo of Bob Sweeney on visuals and Jake Detwiler on sound turned the clip into an intimately immersive video that we like to think is an accurate representation of Hannah at her finest.

Thx is out now on Double Double Whammy. You can catch Lomelda on tour in Europe this November:


You can get tickets here.

The Original:

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