Session: kenny 3

November 28, 2017

It’s no secret that we love kenny 3. In 2016, we told you all about how much we enjoyed the Philadelphia band’s first, lo-fi album, it’s meeeeee. Since then, we’ve been waiting and wanting to match their fuzz-coated tunes with trippy visuals that sputter in the same way. Both songs the band played for this particular session have a certain confidence in uncertainty that gives them the infectious, warm glow of familiarity.

When our own swell gal Victoria saw this session, she immediately responded, “This makes me want to order a pizza and call everyone a butthead.” That seems like the perfect way to describe it. Like a lost VHS tape that you found in your parent’s basement, these live versions of “tell me what you wanted” and “uh-huh” are equally freaky and amusing. Tiny commercials and all, this might be the most fun we’ve ever had filming a session. Bob Sweeney whip panned and zoomed his heart out on his camcorder while Jake Detwiler recorded the madness seated comfortably on the living room couch. They even let this swell gal toggle some video synth knobs and attempt some Miyagi-style lighting. Squeeze into your smallest shoes and tell Siri to play the video above.

Check out kenny 3’s last two albums on their Bandcamp or catch them live in West Philly at the Legume Lagoon on December 9th.

The originals:

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