Session: Friendship

November 7, 2017

Like the distant echo of rolling thunder after a storm, there’s a peaceful resilience to Friendship‘s strong-willed, country-tinged sound. The Philly quintet’s brand new album, Shock Out of Season, is full of effervescent moments of discovery and seemingly commonplace observations turned into triumphant realizations. It’s one of our favorite albums of the year. Weaving Dan Wriggins’ deep voice amongst pedal steel, synth, and a gently progressing rhythm section, the group create an immersive collection of songs that shine amidst sadness.

While the new album sparkles with a rejuvenating pulse, we chose to bring to life a ballad released earlier this year with a colloquial name. Making full use of the pedal steel, “HMU” is a slow-burning ode to a familiar feeling of waiting around for someone. We wanted to capture Friendship playing the song in their natural environment which happened to be their kitchen. The warm glow of the room lights and the choppiness of the edit give the video a sincerity that will make you feel like you are in the room with them. Our dynamic session duo of Jake Detwiler on sound and Bob Sweeney on all things visual filled this particular video with extra cozy touches.

Shock Out of Season is out now on Orindal Records and you can order it here.

Catch Friendship on their November tour:

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The original:

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