Session: Curtis Cooper

November 22, 2017

Curtis Cooper has a clever ability to find strength in honesty. Over the years, their music has taken on a variety of genres and themes but always stays true to whatever season of life they are going through. Pulling power from struggle, pain, beauty, and delight, Curtis has been able to mold their life experiences into everything from country-tinged punk to weighty ballads like the one above.

On an oddly warm day in October, we climbed down to the ledge you see in the video with our visual wizard, Bob Sweeney, sorcerer of sound, Jake Detwiler, and all of their equipment to create a snapshot of Curtis in their favorite spot. Precariously perched, Curtis delivers an engrossing version of an unreleased song about coming to terms with and embracing their identity. “I’ve Made Up My Mind” is a spine-tingling tune that grows even bigger when howled and whispered from the dusty block of isolated cement. We like to think the video is just as special as they are.

Curtis Cooper’s new album Messy is out now. Catch them live at The Listening Room on December 2nd playing a benefit show for activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier.

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