Video: Leroy Francis – “Carry Me”

October 12, 2017

Distorted and battered, Leroy Francis‘ “Carry Me” is a short and sour ripper of a track. While its overall tone remains warm, the song itself is biting. His searing delivery of the title words and the guitar lines that burn through the rhythm section give “Carry Me” a pleasantly unsavory flavor. Leroy Francis is the kind of Sydney artist you’d imagine the city’s strengthening sound ordinances were made for.

In perfect pairing with the tune, he gets a little beat up himself throughout the raucous, spotlit, garage party that is his video. Sometimes his friends attempt to carry him (as the song suggests) and other times he’s left boogieing alone in a dress. Blood, sweat, and beers definitely went into the making of this video directed by Mclean Stephenson. So hold onto your headphones, give the video a whirl, and don’t land in the vomit.

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