Session: VARSITY

October 25, 2017

Even in sadness, VARSITY know how to charm. Providing pep gently but intentionally, the Chicago five-piece make endearing pop that never fails to feel familiar and welcoming. Their tunes tackle life and love with a friendly approach, confronting a range of emotions as they chug forward on a brightened bounce.

While we happily swivel our hips to all of their music, we were pleased to be able to capture a live version of “So Sad, So Sad.” Walking from sunshine into hues as blue as “a week of crying streaks,” we wanted the band to feel lost in their own song. Amongst the hodgepodge of the kitchen of our friends from Pine Barons, VARSITY seem equally at home and out of place – just like the emotional push and pull of the song.

Our tag team of live video specialists was back again on this session to make the sadness come alive. Jake Detwiler captured the audio from a swing while Bob Sweeney spun around the kitchen to catch the whole band in blue light. We also had the added creative genius of Keith Abrams and Collin Smith to help us think outside the box on this one. Soak in the sadness above while you wait for new tunes from VARSITY coming to you early next year.

The original:

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