Session: Cut Worms

September 19, 2017

It’s easy to form a connection with the glistening drift of Cut Worms. Max Clarke (aka Cut Worms) peaceably weaves colorful portraits and snapshots of raw heartbreak into the twirl of his gentle songs. Both hardy and heartfelt, his handcrafted pop draws from ideals of the past and uses them to highlight the isolation and disorientation of youth. Held steady by the soft rumble of his voice and the balance of wandering plucks and strums of his guitar, Max’s songs exude an inviting warmth in the midst of obvious pain. “Like Going Down Sideways” is the perfect, multi-faceted example of his unique balance of darkness and light.

We wanted to capture Max in way that would reflect how the song was first written. To allow the hues of the whirling tune and Max’s performance to come alive, Bob Sweeney shot on multiple film formats and digitally in black and white amongst the bright lights of Underground Arts. Collin Smith captured the sound of his performance with a vibrancy and an intimacy that will leave you feeling as though you were in the room with us. Watch and fall under the spell of Cut Worms below.

Cut Worms new Alien Sunset EP is out October 20th on Jagjaguwar. You can pre-order it here. See Cut Worms on tour with The Lemon Twigs and Nick Lowe or at their EP Release Show at Baby’s All Right on November 2nd.

The original:

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