Tune: Carroll – “Velvet”

August 16, 2017

With two R’s, two L’s, and a new smoky sensuality, Carroll glide through their delectable new single “Velvet.” It’s a blessing to have such smooth and shimmering pop being made here in Philadelphia. As Far As Gardens Go shone brightly near the top of my favorite albums list of 2016 for its opposing senses of immersion and articulation. “Velvet” is a confident stride forward in complexity that still holds true to those aforementioned qualities. The song’s kaleidoscope of moving parts cascade, intertwining effortlessly as they all pull the melody toward its gentle close. Much like the fabric, you can wrap yourself in the silky bassline, sultry saxophone, and the warmth of Brian Hurlow’s yearning voice. Palpitating guitar lines drift deeper into the otherworldly groove as they swirl together into a sort of musical intoxication. If this first track is any indication of the sound of a new record, I am ready and waiting to dive into the rest.

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