Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Blue Tape Special 7

July 3, 2017

We’ve got a well-portioned plate of new gems. And like any good summer BBQ, they are particularly delicious. This hot plate is meant for hot days and long drives. Find something new to devour below.


Hatchie – “Try”

“Try” and Hatchie are further proof that every project that stems from Go Violets is fantastic. We’ve already put this on a playlist but couldn’t resist including this alluring video made by Joe Agius of The Creases on the list. Watch, sparkle, repeat.


The Belligerents – “Flash”

They’ve served us drinks at Ric’s in The Valley. They have helped produced some of our favorite tracks and albums of the past few years. They’ve been in a veritable mountain of bands outside of this one. And… after many years of being a band, The Belligerents are finally releasing their debut album, Science Fiction. “Flash” is its eclectic, electric start that promises big things. Watch as a dog puzzles scientists and The Belligerents light up the lab.


Deer Scout – “sad boy”

Everything about this video and song combination is perfectly Deer Scout with a fresh sheen. The hues and flashes of lights in the video make the satire in her prickly pop tune really stick. Now get out your lighter, put your arm too tightly around your bro, and sing along.


HAMJAM – “Lean”

HAMJAM (band, not food) have got a new label home in Bedroom Suck and a sultry new track with sexy sax. Two worlds with the same color scheme collide in the song’s clip that you just can’t take your eyes off. Thanks, Perth.


Jack River – “Fool’s Gold”

This pop track sinks in hard and yet still feels a bit dusty. I still don’t understand why the man is getting his head shaved in this clip but the hodge podge of imagery makes her seem as powerful as the song does.


Kero Kero Bonito – “Forever Summer Holiday”

Grab a popsicle, plant yourself on a trendy, fruit-themed pool float, and glide into your best pastel-colored summer daydreams on the kite tails of this bubbling tune from KKB. Nothing has ever sounded so sparkly pink.


Crepes – “Sexyland”

I feel like this delectable pop tune truly speaks for itself and implies a seemingly endless amount of repetition. It’s the smooth jam every summer drive with the windows down needs and a great one to get caught listening to at a stoplight.


School Damage – “The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down”

Short songs with a quirky spunk are School Damage’s specialty. If there is ever a live action remake of The Magic School Bus, I hope they use this bopping scorcher as the theme song. Check out the Melbourne four piece’s self-titled debut on Chapter Music here.


O’ Little Sister -“Lazy Love”

How lovely it is to hear from O’ Little Sister again! Lucinda uses her heart-melting voice to bring to life this sweet, little love song. Bursting with a rainbow of color, this one will really make you swoon (despite its less than positive resolution).


Mal Devisa – “You are my Sunshine”

It was uplifting to see that Mal Devisa’s first new song since Deja Carr’s recent health-related absence from live shows came with a positive title. The radiant tune blends comfort and struggle in an amalgamation of rapping and singing that will leave you that pleasant tingling feeling that comes from undeniably wonderful art.


Down Time -“No Sentiment”

Thanks to our pals at GROUPHUG, we’ve fallen in love with this summer breeze from Denver’s Down Time. The shimmering brightness in the guitar solos paired with the subtle shimmy of the rhythm section form the perfect summer serenade. If you like this ditty, you’ll love every minute of their new Good Luck EP.


Basement Revolver – “Johnny Pt. 2”

As if “Johnny” wasn’t delightful enough, Basement Revolver comes back with the equally aggressively pining “Johnny Pt. 2.” This time, they long with a hope, warmth, and determination that never ceases to swell. Their new Agatha EP comes out on Yellow K Records on July 21st.


Partner – “Sex Object”

What an uncomfortable moment for these Canadians to write this powerfully blistering song about! I guess this whole song means they’ve kind of said something. But if there was ever any particular way to deliver the message, this would be it.


Kane StrangTwo Hearts and No Brain

I’ve been waiting for this jarring collection of polished old gems from Kane Strang for awhile. Kane’s sophomore album is mystically charming in its familiarly raucous push and pull but graduates to polished set of textures and tones. Trapping the listener inside his tangled web of distorted thoughts and sound, Kane threads the fractured pieces together with screamable melodies and timely moments of silence that propel forward with purpose. It’s old Kane Strang meets new Kane Strang meets uncontrollable body swaying. Favorite new tracks: “Two Hearts and No Brain,” “Lagoons,” and “Silence Overgrown”

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